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Happy Halloween!!

What a fun night! I hosted a Halloween Party this Saturday. Did I remember to take pictures of the food I made? No. Why? Because I was *hosting* and was rushing around like a madwoman! I’ll posted the recipes of the 2 things that I made (besides the warm & delicious spiced rum and cinnamon apple cider, of course!):

Bloody Mary Dip: This was all right, I thought. I wasn’t particularly crazy about it – all I could taste was “cream cheese.” But I received multiple enthusiastic compliments from my guests! I used wasabi instead of horseradish and seriously upped the spice-age.

Pumpkin Pie Brownies: These were phenomenal…! OMG! I cut them up into little bite-sized pieces and put them in little mini cupcake liners. There’s still most of a huge can of pumpkin in my fridge – I’m definitely going to make these again. And *then* I will post a mouth-watering picture, I promise!

Here’s the only shot of the night including my spread:

Here are some more pics from my week! Below are some absolutely delicious Soy Boy Garden Herb & Tofu Ravioli with an organic marinara sauce – they were delish! The tofu tasted and had the texture of ricotta cheese. Kinda creepy… but very good!

And here’s a picture of some fanTASTIC Rising Moon Organics Butternut Squash Ravioli with some Earth Balance and cracked pepper:

Also, I just made a delicious veggie meatloaf! A friend of mine has recently been told to eliminate/cut back on their intake of red meat. Her husband, who works with me, asked the resident vegan for some tips. He specifically said they would appreciate a meatloaf replacement, so researching I went! This recipe just looked s’damned good that I had to try it TONIGHT! It was very good. Very, very good. I went back for seconds! There were a few issues, though:

  • My grocery store only had candied walnuts… they tasted funny, so I only included 1/3 of what the recipe called for.
  • I misread and didn’t buy any breadcrumbs at all… so I just put 1 1/2 cups of vegan crumbles instead, which was just fine. Although, I’m sure the breadcrumbs would have made it more thick.
  • It tastes a lot like mushrooms (which, yum, is okay with me), so if you’re not a big fan of mushrooms, perhaps a different recipe may be for you.

And, last but most certainly not least… I VOTED TODAY. It was such an incredible feeling. And it was so crowded… there were so many people waiting around, and I was there at 2’o’clock on a Tuesday! I can only imagine what it would’ve looked like @ 5:30 or so. This election is going to be in history books. Everybody: VOTE. And if you can vote early, do so. You can’t afford to ignore your duties this time around…


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