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Oh yeah… Thanksgiving.

What a whirlwind this fall has been! MoFo came and went in the blink of an eye, Halloween whizzed by, and Thanksgiving is already in the past! Slooow down, life. Anywho, here’s my Thanksgiving post. It was the 4th year I have been vegan during T-give and have hosted my own feast for my family! And… each year I have hosted I have lived in four different places. Weird. Let’s check it out!

I set up my table for four with my new chairs, new fall decorations, and resurrected passion for cooking and entertaining. How lovely!

I was joined by my father, his partner, and my brother. My dad’s partner, who is Korean, made a huge dish of veggie sushi! I have always envied those who can make sushi… I tried once and have been afraid to dare try again. This stuff was an excellent, nonconventional appetizer. Carrots, cucumber and radish, mmm.

The Dordles, reveling in all the attention and love she received.

Aw, photo opp. Why isn’t my dog focused?! So cute. 🙂

My li’l bro. Isn’t he handsome? Yeah, I know.

The fall feast staple: Vegan YumYum’s butternut squash bisque. Wildly addictive, super-creamy, and always a hit.

My full plate! This year I served Gardein’s Stuffed Turk’y, which sparked loud praise from my omni family (“It’s so moist!”, “This is really good!”, etc.). I recommend this for any meal in which you would like to showcase vegan meats for omni folk. And it comes with bomb-ass gravy! Also, Isa’s greenbean mushroom casserole, mashed sweets, mashed golds, and maple-dijon sprouts.

Best breakfast-lunch-and-dinner leftovers you could imagine.

Instead of making a pie I made a pumpkin roll. This recipe is tried and true. I accidentally spread the dough too thick and so it didn’t bake to a moist-cakey texture, but instead stayed kind of creamy. It was like a pumpkin pie/cream cheese roll, which was 100x better! Yum.
Stay tuned for my vegan tour of Pittsburgh, PA!

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