Butternut Mac & Cheese = Perfection

Is your mouth watering yet? There are a few butternut mac recipes floating around, but this… this, my friends, is a particularly sinful version. Using veggie broth, soy creamer, and an entire bag of Daiya cheddar, this mac isn’t messing around and will surely satisfy any creamy craving or nostalgic blue-box pangs you might have. It is truly addicting!
Thanks to Barb of That Was Vegan? I have been enjoying this dish nearly every day this week for lunch. Although naughty, the recipe can be modified to be more healthy with the addition of different veggies or legumes. I added peas to mine!

Please forgive the crappy lighting and notice how creeeeeamy it is! One batch makes 5 good sized servings and it heats up easily – just undercook your pasta a little bit. Sadly, I ate my last portion today… who wants to make me some more? ๐Ÿ™‚

To make up for my late night kitchen pic, here’s one of my pup. Isn’t she sweet? I’ll be reviewing some recently discovered vegan doggie treats soon!

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