Weekly Wisd-Nom

Weekly Wisd-Nom 5.24.15

Welcome to a new series, Weekly Wisd-Nom, where I share with you interesting nuggets of information I’ve stumbled across over the last week or so. Some of this stuff is just too cool not to share. Hope you enjoy!

Notable vegetarian Jared Leto is bulking for his role as The Joker in an upcoming film – and he’s doing it while sticking to his compassionate morals. [Photo: ecorazzi]


New studies show that a switch to the standard American diet (high in animal fats and proteins and low in fiber) devastates natural gut flora populations just two weeks. [Photo: I fucking love science!]


Does your tofu turn out bland or mushy? Follow these 10 steps to make sure you get the tastiest fried morsels, the best-set omelets, and bomb baked tofu every time! [Photo: One Green Planet]


Need proof that all animals are capable of grieving? These photos and videos (grab the tissues) will show just how visibly animals can express their loss. [Photo: Spirit Science and Metaphysics]


The Museum of Shit in Italy boasts ways of repurposing poo from a dairy farm into “sustainable” energy… yet completely misses the point. [Photo: Inhabitat]



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