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Vida Vegan Austin Trip Day Seven: Gourmet Eats and Bittersweet Goodbyes

Our last full day in Austin began with much awareness in the air that our trip was coming to an end… Austin had treated us so well and we’d made new friends and new discoveries. We didn’t want it to end! Yet, a nice send-off for our adventure was our last day taking place on Philip’s (the bf) birthday.

We had heard that Kerbey Lane Cafe offered a vegan platter and were excited to see that there was a location within walking distance of our apartment. The featured pancakes were banana pecan and my mouth was instantly watering… lemme tell you all: this food is TOPS. The scramble is smokey, the “soysages” are nutty and flavorful, and the pancakes are authentic diner-style and totally delicious. I’d eat here again in a heartbeat!

After letting our food babies settle by the pool for a while we hopped a ride over to…


Bistro Vonish! Another vegan food truck (what!), and one whose reputation precedes it.


“Elevated vegan cuisine” describes perfectly what the truck offers: not your standard fare, yet complex flavors, unconventional ingredients, and a richness fit for any birthday boy.


We shared the creamy mac and cheese…



Corn arepas with jalapeño jam…


And a magnificent margherita pizza with house-made mozzarella cheese and a sun dried tomato sauce. This food was stellar – we even had a hard time keeping the birds away from trying to steal bites!

Our very last stop of the trip was Spider House Cafe again for one last freeto burrito hurrah, but not before strolling down to Wheatsville Co-op for some popcorn tofu po’boy sammiches to enjoy on the following day’s trek back home.

It’s been real, Austin. Until we meet again!


2 thoughts on “Vida Vegan Austin Trip Day Seven: Gourmet Eats and Bittersweet Goodbyes

  1. Even for a place I recently visited, I'm having so much food envy! There were so many restaurants, trucks, and dishes I didn't get a chance to try while I was there. One thing I did sample, though, was the buffalo & popcorn tofu from Wheatsville. So many of us got that on our way out of town! It was delicious; I wish it was available locally!


  2. I got popcorn tofu on my way out of town too! I think everyone from VVC did that! Great minds. 🙂 Never got to the freeto burrito, but I heard it was amazing. Also, didn't make it to Vonish, but next time. Next time.


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