Weekly Wisd-Nom

Weekly Wisd-Nom 7.19.15

This week we celebrate great plant-based feats, including Scott Jurek smashing the Appalachian Trail record or a lone trucker getting healthy and spreading the word about veggies. Also, garbanzo aquafaba is taking the dessert world by storm and Vegan Beer & Food Fest is coming to Portland!


Ultra-runner Scott Jurek shaves 3 hours off the record for the 2,189 Appalachian Trail as a proud vegan. [Photo: Instagram]
Instead of pouring “bean water” down the drain, take a look at these 13 ways to use aquafaba in yummy desserts. [Photo: Pixabay]
NBC covers one trucker who has taken on a plant-based diet on the road and is now blogging about his newfound health. [Photo: Ecorazzi]
Find out how our bodies become so efficient we can wake up before our alarms start blaring. [Photo: Flickr]
Get your tickets now for Portland’s springtime Vegan Beer & Food Festival! [Photo: Beers in Paradise]



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