Weekly Wisd-Nom

Weekly Wisd-Nom 1.10.16

This week we look at some museum hijinks, an awesome vegan cheese shop (they’re popping up everywhere!), and Moby’s decision to donate all of his new restaurant’s profits to animal charities. Also: doctors are frustrated about the public’s lack of nutrition knowledge and why birds should not be kept in cages.

VW Beetle in Cleveland Museum

A visitor at The Cleveland Natural History Museum made a cheeky discovery in the beetle display recently…

Riverdel Cheese Shop

Check out this review and interview with the owner of Riverdel vegan cheese shop in Brooklyn!

Doctor Health Advice

One doctor discusses the most common nutrition myths he tries to correct with his patients.

Moby Restaurant Opening

Moby’s new “Little Pine” restaurant in LA is the epitome of veganism – he plans to give all profits away to animal charities.

Birds in Cages

A harrowing look into the reasons why birds should not be kept in cages.

Images: (1,2,3,4,5)


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