Grocery Store Staples: What I Buy Every Week

Grocery shopping is either the most exciting time of my week (yay, food!) or a dreadful affair. Hitting up the shops when I don’t really have a plan for my weekly meals tends to make me feel a little anxious, but I can always rely on having some weekly staples which I buy – and eat – every week.

Depending on the season or my tastes these essential items may fluctuate, but mostly stay the same because they are so versatile. Check out the five healthy must-haves you will find in my cart every week:

Grocery Buys

  1. Bananas. Up to three bunches at a time will make their way to the top of my fridge, where they will ripen and be ready for chopping and storage in the freezer. I am someone who consumes one to three smoothies per day, and so having frozen bananas around is an absolute must. Green smoothies in the morning, post-workout smoothies in the evening, and perhaps the evening milkshake-style smoothie for dessert – it’s banana city around here.
  2. Tofu. The ubiquitous blocks of soy that can do so much in the kitchen can always be found in my fridge. Mostly tofu is transformed into lazy weekend scrambles, yet dry-frying and baking (freeze it first to get an awesome, chewy texture!) also have their places in our meal rotations.
  3. Greens. Jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, it is essential to squeeze greens into our daily meals in our home. Whether it’s whirling them into a smoothie, mixing them into a casserole, or eating them fresh in a salad, some type of green is always available. Spinach, arugula, and kale are our favorites.
  4. Cucumbers. I don’t know what it is, but cucumbers have always been a favorite of mine. It may be their refreshing quality or the satisfying crunch, but they are fabulous hummus-dippers, juicing ingredients, and snacks all on their own (or with a pinch of salt). In the summer months cucumber salads and flavored water are perfect ways to beat the heat.
  5. Citrus fruits. This one is a recent addition to my weekly grocery haul. Every time I remind myself “Oh yeah, I love clementines!” I do not regret the next week of having sweet and juicy fruits within reach. Juicing carrots, oranges, and turmeric root is a healthy treat, as well.

What grocery staples do you find in your fridge or pantry every week?


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