Weekly Wisd-Nom

Weekly Wisd-Nom 3.20.16

This week we peer deep into our companion animals’ souls, hear from the vegan Whole Foods CEO, argue against zoos being “educational,” uncover the fatal dangers of working on factory farms, and discuss how we are still vegan – even when our work isn’t.

animal soul, cats, dogs, animal photography

The Animal Soul project captures images of cats’ and dogs’ 100% honest moments in front of the camera.

john mackey, whole foods, john mackey vegan

Whole Foods’ CEO, John Mackey, talks to Men’s Journal about being an ethical vegan.

zoo, captivity, animals, animal rights, tiger, advocacy, vegan

Children do not, in fact, become more educated or empowered by observing animals in zoo captivity.

animal agriculture, dairy farm, dairy, manure, manure lagoon

Another dairy worker’s death by manure lagoon-drowning illuminates the hazards of working in animal agriculture.

vegan job, vegan employment

A helpful article reminding us that, even if our job isn’t vegan, we still are.

Images: (1,2,3,4,5)


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