Weekly Wisd-Nom

Weekly Wisd-Nom 3.27.16

This week we experience some breakthroughs in technology that will help track down sea turtle egg smugglers and convince any omnivore to ditch meat in favor of plant foods, common grammar no-nos, fantastic vegan restaurants flying under the radar, and some schadenfreude for politicians barfing up their celebrated unpasteurized dairy drinks.

sea turtles, turtle eggs, turtle conservation

3D printed sea turtle eggs are being planted to track smugglers across continents and put a stop to the illegal trade.


How many of these 20 common grammar mistakes make your skin crawl? Start talking good with this guide!

vegan, milk, raw milk

West Virginia senators celebrated the passing a bill allowing the consumption of raw, unpasteurized cow’s milk – and proceeded to get sick to their stomaches.

ianimal, factory farming, animal equality, animal rights, pigs, bacon, activism

Virtual reality may be responsible for the next generation of vegans! iAnimal lets viewers step into the life (and death) of a factory farmed pig.

elys to go, vegan travel, vegan ohio, vegan boardman, vegan youngstown

Check out this list of 10 lesser-known vegan restaurants that rock before your next road trip. I can personally attest to the awesomeness of Ely’s To Go in Ohio!

Images: 1,2,3,4,5


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