Super-Quick DIY Carrot Escabeche

There’s a local company that makes all sorts of different slaws, dressings, and pickled/fermented products that are pretty tasty, but also cost a pretty penny. I’m all for supporting local businesses, but I also like being able to pay my rent. So, when I was feeling especially thrifty a few weeks ago I looked up how to make my own specialty toppings from scratch.

Having a hankering for something pickled and needing to use up some carrots lingering in the fridge, I thought making homemade carrot escabeche was perfect. The other half and I really enjoyed the local company’s version of the wonderfully tart, marinated salad and I knew having it handy to toss on top of salads, tacos, or just on the side would be lovely.

vegan, carrots, carrot escabeche, vegan recipe

I loosely followed this recipe and found that even the next day the veggies were still crisp enough for a fresh salad, yet with the right amount of spice and tang. This super-quick recipe keeps for weeks in the fridge and takes only minutes to whip up. Get your escabeche on!


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