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Beyond Meat’s New Protein-Packed Bowls!

Vegan prepared foods have absolutely exploded over the last few years. Not long ago I remember being excited there was more than one or two vegan yogurts to choose from at the supermarket, and look at the options now! One of my favorite companies who have risen to fame in recent years is Beyond Meat. Imagine my excitement when we spotted these babies at our health food store’s revamped frozen foods section:

beyond meat, vegan, vegetarian

Now, I love a hearty bowl for dinner just as much as the next person. But, as a lazy cook, the idea of all the work being done for me is sometimes just as alluring as the flavor combinations of these bad boys.

beyond meat, vegan, vegetarian, lemongrass

First I tried the Vietnamese Lemongrass bowl, which has the company’s signature chick’n strips, vermicelli rice noodles, snap peas, mushrooms, and kale in a lemongrass sauce. I found this one to be quite tasty, yet light. The noodles were a nice change from typical rice bowls. I don’t know if I’d be enthusiastic about buying this one again, but maybe that’s because the veggies were somewhat soggy from microwaving them (but if you bake it, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of its convenience?!).

beyond meat, vegan, vegetarian, korean bbq

The Korean BBQ bowl had a wonderful blend of wholesome edamame and brown rice, sweet and spicy Korean BBQ sauce over their chick’n strips, and a little bit of spicy kimchi. These flavors were on point. My only complaint is that there were only two little chunks of kimchi! I guess this means I’ll have to start fermenting my own… hmm, maybe that will be my fall kitchen project.

There are two other Beyond Meat bowl flavors to try: Roasted Sweet Potato Chili with Beyond Beef and Indian Curry with Beyond Chicken. I look forward to trying them out, too. For nights when cooking is just not in the cards, these frozen meals work wonderfully.

Have you tried Beyond Meat’s new products, yet?


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