Our First CSA Share! Greens, Greens, and More Greens!

Back in April, the beau and I decided to take the plunge and purchase a summer CSA share. We chose Crown Point Ecology Center and couldn’t wait for the first pick up. That first day came Friday and our fridge is full of greens!


Our haul was vibrant – just look at all that chlorophyll! I researched the best ways to store herbs and currently have the mint and parsley in a glass jar with some water, with a plastic bag rubber banded over the tender leaves. The chives survive best when wrapped in a damp paper towel and plastic wrap.


The process was very simple and inviting. I walked in to find a giant chalkboard detailing what we would get with our week’s share. And, might I say, a half pound of garlic scapes is plenty!


The deceiving bag of lettuce mix actually has a TON of delicious, nutritious leaves inside. We’ve each had a side salad every day and are only about halfway through the bag!


I was intrigued by the offering of mizuna. I asked about it and was told it was a peppery Asian green, similar to arugula. A taste test proved it wasn’t nearly as spicy as arugula, but tender and a wonderful addition to salads.


It was tough to pick just two bunches of herbs, but the chives were calling my name and the mint was too wonderful-smelling to pass up!


Of course, garlic scapes were abundant. I’m still trying to figure out how to use up all of them!


What are your favorite early summer CSA selections? And what do YOU do with garlic scapes?!


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