Iced Blueberry-Mint Sun Tea

Summer is FINALLY, officially, and graciously here and that means I’m in the mood for something more than ice water to cool down in the hot sun. I’ve been off soda and sugary drinks for more years than I can remember, so my version of something refreshing is only slightly sweet – and lets other flavors steal the spotlight.

With our handful of fresh mint leaves in last week’s CSA, the idea for brewing sun tea popped in my head. I’ve never tried it, but the “set it and forget it” aspect was very appealing to my multi-tasking nature. Eight green tea bags went into a (thoroughly cleaned) glass container with about 6 cups of filtered water.

Sun Tea

The container was left outside in the sun for 2 hours, producing this lovely amber hue. I was weary about leaving it out much longer, because there are legitimate worries about bacteria growth when brewing sun tea. Using filtered water and a clean container is important, folks.

Blueberry Mint Sun Tea Brewing

I then muddled some mint leaves with a dash of lemon juice and pureed some frozen blueberries in the Vita-Mix. Both went right into the container with a few spoonfuls of stevia and voila! Sun tea!


The flavor combination was really very lovely. I couldn’t taste the blueberry as strongly, but the mint was very pleasant. Have you ever made sun tea? What’s your favorite flavor?


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