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Four Sigmatic Medicinal Mushroom Drink Review + a Birthday Giveaway!

Four Sigmatic

Juicing has taken over as a trendy way to drink your vegetables, but did you know you can drink your mushrooms, too? Four Sigmatic medicinal mushroom drinks get their health benefits from the “original superfood,” the often overlooked fungi. I was over the moon when they offered to send some products for review – as well as offer a giveaway and a discount to OBH readers!

The Finnish “funguys” behind the company wanted to create a way to get the benefits of Earth’s richest foods without having to alter your usual habits. That’s why their products – like mushroom coffee, hot cocoa, and smoothie blends – can be incorporated right into the beverages you already know and love.

vegan, four sigmatic, mushroom, medicinal mushroom, smoothie

The first product I was excited to try was their Smoothie Shroomer with Chaga blend. This mix of blueberries, black currants, acerola berries, and schisandra berries (the “#1 beauty food in the world”) is meant to flood your system with antioxidants and improve skin and eye health. Chaga mushrooms are touted as being a skin superfood, as well. Adding a scoop of this stuff to my smoothie was pretty darn tasty! I will say that, due to the berries, it makes for a tart smoothie – if that’s your thang.

vegan, four sigmatic, mushroom, medicinal mushroom, chaga

“Bulletproof immunity” is promised with their Chaga Mushroom Elixir Mix, a supplement that can be consumed in a smoothie or on its own, mixed in hot water. Packed with anti-viral and anti-inflammatory power, this powder promises to reinforce your immune system. I tried this blend in a smoothie with banana and cherries. The flavor was very mild, just a tad herbal, and otherwise not imposing over the fresh fruit flavors. Tomorrow my SO and pup are headed on a weeklong road trip, so I will definitely be bringing some chaga along to defend against travel-related illnesses.

vegan, four sigmatic, hot cocoa, mushroom, medicinal mushroom

The last product I tried ended up being my favorite: Mushroom Hot Cocoa with Reishi. If you’re looking for the super-sugary powdered cocoas of your youth, look elsewhere. This blend has distinctive hints of cinnamon and cardamom (yesssss), creating a delicious beverage for adult palates. Reishi mushrooms lower cortisol levels and regulate hormones, making for a relaxing evening.

The first time I mixed this up I used unsweetened almond milk; the flavor was great, but there was no body to the drink. When I mixed it up in some hot, sweetened, vanilla soy milk I stopped in my tracks – the thickness and hint of vanilla from the soy milk takes this drink to a whole new level!

And now, readers, in honor of my birthday (wee!) and Four Sigmatic’s generosity, you have a chance at winning all of these products! Here are instructions for entering the giveaway:

  • You must be a U.S. resident (excluding Hawaii).
  • Comment on this post naming the Four Sigmatic product you are most excited to try.
  • Follow The Offbeat Herbivore on Facebook and post an additional comment.
  • Follow @offbeatherbivore on Instagram and post an additional comment.
  • Follow @offbeatherbivor on Twitter and post an additional comment.
  • You must include a way to contact you through email in your comment(s).

The winner will be announced on Thursday, 7/14! Four Sigmatic was also kind enough to provide a 15% discount on their products for OBH readers. Just use the promo code “TheOffbeatHerbivore” at checkout.

Get ready to drink your shrooms!


9 thoughts on “Four Sigmatic Medicinal Mushroom Drink Review + a Birthday Giveaway!

  1. So many products sound delicious and healthy! The mushroom coffee with the green coffee bean extract and the Reishi Elixir would be my top picks! And the hot cocoa.


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