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Harmless Harvest Coconut Water Review!

Recently I was approached by Harmless Harvest to review their organic coconut waters. What impressed me most about the company’s mission is their commitment to be an “ecosystem-based business,” meaning they stay connected to an invested in the health of the communities and the people producing the materials.

So often we consumers shy away from a slightly higher price tag without considering what we are supporting with our cheaper purchases. Harmless Harvest tries to take care of every element and figure in their manufacturing process:

“It is understood that all stakeholders should benefit from Harmless Harvest, whether it be the plants at the source, the customer at the store, or any step in between.”

harmless harvest, coconut water, coconut, vegan

Harmless Harvest achieved its Fair For Life certification after years of planning, meaning the company complies with stringent social responsibility criteria. “For every coconut purchased, a mutually agreed premium is collected, pooled and reinvested into the community under the leadership of the community from farmer to plant worker,” the website says. Pretty cool, huh?

harmless harvest, coconut water, coconut, vegan

When I picked up my coconut water at the store, I was surprised to see that each bottle had turned pink! I feared not, however, because there was an acknowledgment right on the label saying that “pink is okay.” The pink hue is apparently due to the antioxidants interacting with light, as all of the coconut water is clear when bottled.

My pink drink was enjoyed in my new Harmless Harvest mason jar with accompanying lime green straw. Did I ever tell you that lime green was my favorite color as a kid? It’s true.

The flavor of coconut water has always been so variable, each and every time I’ve tasted it. I’ve tried coconut waters that were salty and rather unpleasant, and coconut waters that didn’t taste all that different than tap water. Harmless Harvest had a hint of sweetness and, curiously, had a taste slightly reminiscent of corn.

harmless harvest, coconut water, coconut, vegan

I also whipped some up in a green smoothie, which enhanced the sweetness of the strawberries and bananas. Coconut water after a sweaty workout session or hike has always been a preferred method of recharging my system and replenishing electrolytes, so this was a very nice addition.

There is also a Harmless Harvest Coffee-flavored coconut water, which I have yet to find in stores near me. Once I do find it, I will post a separate review. I love me some coffee-flavored anything!

Thanks to the people at Harmless Harvest for the opportunity to try your products!


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