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Reset and Restore: Week 1


It’s a new year and I am ready for a new outlook on food!

2016 was one roller coaster of a year. Several losses, a lot of stress, and a few wonderful moments thrown into the mix. That roller coaster had taken quite a toll on my eating patterns and how my body responded to food. I needed an overhaul.

But not just any overhaul would do. In the past, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon that my local gym advertises: programs where we count macros, take before and after pics, and generally gauge “success” by some numerical factor. Nowadays, I’m not all about that. What those programs didn’t teach was how to enjoy food. How to notice when my body is nourished vs. depleted. How to identify emotional eating reactions without dubbing something a “cheat food.” Eating food isn’t cheating anything, damnit!

Enter: the Reset & Restore program. Lacy Davis of Super Strength Health partnered up with health coach Jessica Wilkins to create a program all about intuitive eating, or simply listening to your body without judgment. They encourage simplifying meals and provide ideas for dishes (not required eating) that center around fresh greens, whole grains, beans, fruit, and plenty of fresh vegetables. Meditation, at-home workouts, and daily intention-setting are welcome, but not mandatory. It is perfect for a person looking to explore their own relationship with food without rules.

Because this is a food blog, I will give you a sneak peak into some of the wonderful dishes I’ve made for myself over the last week:

Savory chickpea flour pancakes are one of my favorite breakfasts. They are packed with your favorite veggies, easy to make, and very customizable. Here, this bad boy is topped with some hot sauce, steamed kale, massaged onions, and homemade cashew sour cream.

I put my new cast iron skillet to work making this tofu quiche with bell pepper, onion, and kale. Special ingredient: black salt (kala namak) for that eggy flavor.

Loaded Japanese sweet potato time! This was one of my favorites of the week. Black beans, bell peppers, more massaged onions, more cashew sour cream, and scallions. So creamy, so sweet, so savory. Just yum.

This right here is a Quinoa Berry Bake. Minimal ingredients, just a touch of sweetness, and lots of fiber and protein. I’d probably add way more berries to this next time. It turned more into a pilaf when I scooped it out and needed a touch more sweetness.

Keeping it super-simple with a macro bowl: brown rice, black beans, steamed kale, massaged onions (oh yes), and homemade cashew ranch. Some vegan bacon bits for good measure, too.

This might be my favorite meal of the week. We love making soyrizo-potato hash for tacos – it’s inspired by one of our favorite greasy spoon joints in town that offers the same mixture as a sandwich ingredient with lots of ooey-gooey vegan cheese. Instead of tortillas (I’m seeing how my body does with a break from lots of gluten), I made a bowl with cilantro-lime rice. Two thumbs up!

This second week has been much more of a challenge because my fiancé and I both got sick at the same time. While we are nursing our head colds and trying to still be somewhat productive humans, it’s been a lot less imaginative cooking for me. Leftovers, simple lentil and rice dishes, and tons of smoothies have passed my lips in the past four days. Here’s to hoping that I’ve been nice to my system and that week three I’ll be feeling better!

What is your preferred way to reset in the new year?

I seriously love massaged onions.