Welcome to my blog! Vegan Noms first began in 2008 as a way to document my cooking trials and triumphs as a new vegan, yet also as a way to follow my favorite bloggers and their beautiful photos and delicious recipes (most of whom can be found on the blogroll).


My introduction into veganism sprouted from a decision to become mostly vegetarian after the terrifying experience of hitting a deer with my car (luckily he seemed to survive). The following thought process occured: “I just accidentally almost killed an innocent animal. What the hell am I doing every time I sit down to eat a plate filled with meat?” After already having shoved my unpleasant feelings regarding meat-eating into the far reaches of my brain for many years, I slowly began to allow that curiosity, fear, and guilt out so it could be processed. This led to delving into vegetarian research and resources to learn more about how to adjust to the changes I would be making, which inevitably produced information on the horrors of the dairy and egg industries. Many late nights and frustrated, existential crying spells later, I decided that I simply could no longer consume or otherwise support the exploitation of animals in any form.


Transitioning from an omnivorous, or even newly vegetarian, lifestyle can be tricky. The most trying experiences for me were: how to talk to those around me about my transition and feeling confident enough to do so, how to make the change as easy on my taste buds as possible, and where to find additional support and information. Having a vegan best friend surely did help! Yet, it was still a challenging process – one which yielded one of the most rewarding lifestyle choices I have yet encountered.

I hope to provide resources on how to tackle each of these concerns which are common as one enters the worlds of plant-based eating and ethical veganism. Thank you for visiting!


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