Please check out some of my favorite compassionate resources!


Our Hen House: Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan are two fierce voices in the world of animal rights. Their weekly podcast is overflowing with current events in AR, reviews of restaurants/films/books/products, interviews with inspirational vegans, and an edge that will leave you yelling along “fuck yeah!” Not to be missed.

c3f172997bedbf47b69e1fa1109ecb6d-35e52d94a6e2db504b03c45d7cc6a15aFood for Thought: Colleen Patrick Goudreau’s “Food for Thought” podcast provides in-depth analysis of all things vegan, including the vegan vernacular, troubleshooting social situations, and the ethics of eating. I highly recommend her series on the 10 stages of vegan identity development. Listening to her speak is mesmerizing – do not miss the chance to witness her in person!

The Bearded VegansThe Bearded Vegans: Bearded duo Andy and Paul dive deep into issues of interest to animal activists and vegan foodies in this podcast. Each episode carefully dissects a topic that is often rife with controversy in vegan communities, such as what to do about vegans who eat eggs, why some vegheads refuse to stop saying “all lives matter,” and why raising vegan kids isn’t a crime.

Rise and ResistRise and Resist: Personal trainers and body positive activists Lacy Davis and Holly Noll cover everything there is to know about weightlifting, intuitive nutrition, and basically crushing it as a vegan athlete. Their banter is funny, informative, and non-judgmental and their mission is to create spaces where everyone feels comfortable to pursue their goals and advocate for animals.


VegNewsVeg News: The biggest and best, most comprehensive vegan periodical out there! VegNews delivers beautiful recipes, interviews, current events, travel info, new vegan product reviews, and so much more. It most reminds me of other mainstream magazines you’d find at the checkout counter, but with a strong message for plant-based eating and animal advocacy.

Chickpea MagazineChickpea: Quickly growing to be one of my favorites, Chickpea is more like a special collection of essays, rather than a magazine. Its matte card stock construction features the most stunning food photography and covers fascinating stories from plant-based individuals all over the world. Chickpea is a masterpiece that comes out seasonally.

Driftwood Magazine

Driftwood: Driftwood is only two issues young, but the quarterly magazine is quickly gaining popularity and growing to be a staple for vegan readers. Described as “travel and culture for the graduated vegan,” you won’t find any tips on going plant-based between the covers – rather, each issue is packed with unique interviews, essays, and firsthand experiences with travel as a vegan.

Laika MagazineLaika: “A modern guide to vegan living” sums up Laika’s content very well. Each issue is masterfully assembled and packed with gripping and informative features and essays. Named after the late Soviet dog who lost her life after becoming one of the first animals to (unwillingly) travel into space, the periodical serves as an homage to all things animal rights.


How to Be Vegan by Elizabeth Castoria: This book is a must for vegans new and old. It has it all: beautifully illustrated and organized info, hysterical wit, and important tips for unusual situations (like what to eat when traveling to distant countries!). Highly recommended.

Vegan Freak by Bob & Jenna Torres: This was one of the first books I read when making my transition to veganism. It has a very special place in my heart, and for good reason: it contains personal stories and is so very relatable. Its chapters delve into how to navigate the social uncertainties and pressures vegans encounter on a daily basis and provide a solid foundation for understanding the important ethical reasons to choose vegan.

The Vegan Sourcebook by Joanne Stepaniak: There are few books out there that are jam-packed with as much detailed information as this one! I originally stumbled upon this treasure at a yard sale and was pleased to find it filled with nutritional details, recipes, and musings on the lesser-considered aspects of veganism, such as the ethics of hunting. Definitely recommended.

Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin: So frequently I hear about this book being the catalyst for women’s transitions into vegan living. Its easy to read, entertaining, and in-your-face pages provide a very relatable and eye-opening account of ethical veganism and how to achieve balance and health in one’s daily life.

Vegetarian to Vegan by Sarah Taylor: Please find my full review of this book here. I cannot speak highly enough of this tirelessly researched and painfully inspiring read. Highly recommended!


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